4. The Prodigal Rogerson

“By 1979 the punk rock revolution was looking more and more like a failed coup as far as the United States was concerned.”

The Prodigal Rogerson, J. Hunter Bennett

Disclaimer!! Another book written by a friend of mine! Luckily, all my friends turn out to be pretty good writers or I would be in a total bind on this blog.  Guys, if you write a terrible book, don’t send it to me, ok?? 

Ok, so this is a book I would never have read in a million years if it wasn’t written by a friend, and it just goes to show you that you should expand your horizons, because I enjoyed this so much! It is an oral history of a member of a punk rock band and his crazy life.  Now, my music tastes run to Simon & Garfunkle and the cast album of Hamilton, with like, the Decemberists and the Beatles in the middle range, so the story of the Circle Jerks’ bassist, Roger Rogerson, isn’t going to jump out of the shelf into my hands.  But Bennett has collected quite a tale.  Rogerson’s life was insane even by rock star standards, and the story of how he was on the edge of fame and blew it is a great read.  Bennett does an expert job compiling and editing the witness quotes, and absolutely drew me into a story I would otherwise never have read.  The book is short - I read it in one seating, and if you have any interest in rock and roll history I think you’d really enjoy it.

Also, I have to point out that the book is worth it for the authorial insert on pg.23 alone about the bands name.*


“They consulted a slang dictionary and dubbed themselves the Circle Jerks - the term for a practice succintly described as “group onanism in the round.””


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