2009: 7. Lock and Key

“And finally,” Jamie said as he pushed the door open, “we come to the main event.  Your room.”

Lock and Key, Sarah Dessen

This is a young adult book - though it is another one of those books that almost only seems like a YA book because its written about a teenager (maybe not quite - it is a little simple, perhaps).  It is the story of Ruby, who was living on her own, once her mother disappeared, just trying to make until she turns 18 and can be free.  But she gets found out and they force her to go live with the sister she hasn’t seen in years.  And, surprise, her sister is ok - more than ok (she has gone to law school and married a millionaire/inventor of Facebook type*), and she and her husband (especially the husband, who unlike Ruby and her sister grew up in a Norman Rockwell type family and thinks that is the norm) try help Ruby make a new life.  But Ruby is used to just relying on herself - will she be able to learn to rely on others?

I liked that this story was about more than just a romance (though there is a romance, it really ties more into the “only connect” aspect of plot than driving the story itself).  It’s nice to read a book for teenage girls that is about more than boys, and the trope of a character who thinks she can make it alone learning that she needs other people is, if not earth-shattering, extremely well executed here.  I enjoyed reading this quite a bit - and would recommend it as an alternative to brainless chick lit to anyone looking for a light read.  The YA aspect means that it flies on the page, but the story offers a bit more substance than, say, Confessions of  a Shopaholic.**

*Which is sort of unrealistic, given the way their upbringing was, although Dessen does try to portray the sister as this total type-A achiever type, which certainly helps.

** Though I have never read that book, so I am totally just picking that one out of thin air and using it as short hand for those sorts of books with women’s crossed feet on the cover, where all life’s problems are solved by Prada.

Date/Place Completed:  1/11/09, D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; YA; Library Book

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