2009: 4. Third Girl

“Hercule Poirot was sitting at the breakfast table.  At his right hand was a steaming cup of chocolate.”

Third Girl, Agatha Christie

This is one of those novels where Christie tries to show us that she is hip to the ways of the swinging sixties, and as such it falls pretty flat.  A young girl comes to see Poirot, saying that she thinks she may have committed a murder - only to leave when she decides he is “too old.”  Poirot, his dander up, decides to find her, which he does through Mrs. Oliver.  With her help he decides to also figure out what she was talking about, a hunt that leads to a pretty terrible crime committed by pretty horrible people.  It would have been a decent murder mystery if the whole atmosphere of “hip” young people wasn’t so grim (the title comes from the habit of young girls looking for a “third girl” a flatmate to help defray the costs of living in the city).  Not Dame Agatha’s best.

On a totally unrelated note, I saw the episode of Dr. Who which Agatha Christie plays a part (“The Unicorn and The Wasp”) and LOVED it, particularly the part where characters kept saying the titles of Christie novels.  As if I didn’t already adore the tenth Doctor...

Date/Place Completed: 1/6/09; D.C.

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