2009: 36. An Unkindness of Ravens

“She was a neighbor.  She was an an acquaintance of Dora’s and they spoke if they met in the street.”

An Unkindness of Ravens, Ruth Rendell

This Wexford mystery starts simply enough - a neighbor asks Wexford to look for her missing husband.  Things seem reasonably straightforward until a second woman also reports her husband missing.  And since both men have the same first and last name, we realize that we are looking at a case of bigamy.  But where has Rod Williams got too, leaving both his families behind? And how about the radical feminist groups that have appeared in town, and are assaulting men?

A pretty darn good mystery - the whole bigamy, two families, did they know each other part was very well done, and the feminism part was decent, if a little dated - alas, these old fashioned books, with their topical subjects.  I am really enjoying reading and re-reading these Wexford books - they remind me of P.D. James, which is a high complement.

Date/Place Completed: March 2009; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Ruth Rendell Project

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