2009: 30. Everything That Rises

“I don’t remember exactly how I got started”

Everything That Rises: A Book Of Convergences, Lawrence Weschler

This is a strange book, one that at first, I really liked and the more I read the less I enjoyed.  It’s a collection of strange little essays, where Weschler, a writer of “creative non-fiction”, at least according to the Wikipedia, writes about about connections he teases out about various topics.  Many of the pieces were previously published in McSweeney’s, and they have a very McSweenys feel to them (the book is published by their publishing arm).  In the first section of the book Weschler makes connections between various works of art, and it is so, so interesting.  Comparing works of art from various time periods, genres, media, it makes you see the world in new ways - comparing say, Matthew Brady’s photos from the Civil War with shots from Ground Zero, not just in broad subject matter, but in composition and tone.  But the next part drifts into other kinds of connections - comparing say, Newt Gingrich and Silobovan Milosovich, and it isn’t that he overreaches, but rather that it became dull.  The first part amazed me, the second part just made me yawn.  Not that the book is bad, but it was such a let down from the beginning that I ended up thinking of it as not such a great read.

Date/Place Completed:  March 2009, D.C.

Categories:  Non-fiction; Library

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