2009: 22. The Absolute Sandman, Volume IV.

“There’s a dream in which huge faceless women with wolves astride them are chewing at my entrails and legs.  They have sharp teeth.”

The Absolute Sandman, Volume IV

Neil Gaiman et. al.

I almost have nothing else to say about this book, but only in the sense that I feel like I can’t say anything new about how awesome the Sandman books are.  I feel like I am the last person on earth to have discovered the series (though in my defense, I think I’m a little young for the original Sandman generation), and what on earth could I possibly add to the internet chatter?  But let me just say that these are great books and if you haven’t read them you should.   As much as I enjoy other books by Gaiman, I still don’t think he’s written anything that approaches the Sandman in scope.  

Volume IV is the final volume, and encompasses The Kindly Ones, which is Morpheus’s epic battle with the furies, and The Wake, which ties everything up.  The books are so complex and dark and wonderful - and the art is so beautiful.  I’ve read talk about a possible Sandman movie, but I can’t imagine this story outside of this format, with this art, with these pictures of the Endless.  I am not sure that a film version would add much - unless it exposed more people to the books, and then I say bring it on!

Date/Place Completed: February 2009

Categories: Fiction; Graphic Novel

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