2009: 20. The Veiled One

“The woman was lying dead on the floor when he came in.”

The Veiled One, Ruth Rendell

This is an Inspector Wexford mystery, in which a middle aged woman is found dead in a mall parking lot - and the Inspector just happened to be by there a few minutes before.  He beats himself up for noticing nothing, as he tries to figure out why anyone would kill a nondescript woman with no enemies or any reason why she might get killed.  Then Wexford is a victim of a car bombing (meant, it seems for his beloved actress daughter), and his number two, Mike Burden is left to solve the case alone while he recuperates.  Burden starts to get way in over his head, fixating on one suspect - but did he do it, or is the policeman in over his head?

This is a pretty good basic mystery - there is a little misdirection, a crazy dude, an overzealous police officer, a wacky murder weapon, and a reasonably complex solution which I only figured out right before the end, which is the best kind.  Just a good old fashioned murder - an enjoyable read.

Date/Place Completed:  February 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; Ruth Rendell Project 

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