2009: 14. Reading Like a Writer

“Can creative writing be taught?”

Reading Like a Writer, Francine Prose

Francine Prose is a novelist* who also teaches (as many novelists do), and she has written about about reading like a writer (well, I guess the title makes it obvious, right?).  This book is clearly written and insightful and made me think differently about how I read - not a small feat, considering how much reading I do.** The chapters are broken down by the nuts and bolts of writing  - writing, sentences, paragraphs - as well as the tools of story - narrative, plot, character, and is loaded with examples from Prose’s favorite writers.  It sounds a bit textbook-y perhaps, but I found it mesmerizing and couldn’t put it down.  One of the best - most educational and also enjoyable books I’ve read. I took this copy of the library, but I’d like to buy another, and refer back to her book in case I ever do start to try to write.

*In fact, I have a book of hers I have never read, that I won in a contest that she actually autographed.  I need to read it, especially after reading this book! 

**It also really, really wanted to make me write, not that I’ve done a single thing about it since then.  

Date/Place Completed:  February 2009; D.C.

Categories:  Non-Fiction, Library Book

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