2008: 73. Whose Body?

“Oh damn!” said Lord Peter Wimsey at Piccadilly Circus. “Hi, driver!”

Whose Body, Dorothy Sayers

This, on the other hand, is one of my favorite mysteries.  Well, not this one, per se, but one of my favorite mystery series.  I have often waxed rhapsodic about my love for the Lord Peter Wimsey mystery series (and how the penultimate novel, Gaudy Night is one of my favorite books of all time). This is the first Wimsey novel, and while it doesn’t have all the elements of the perfect Wimseys - he is still a little more caricature than he will become and of course there is no Harriet, though faithful Parker is there from the start as is the darling dowager Duchess of Denver - it is still a darn fun mystery.

The story starts with a naked body wearing nothing but a pince nez being found in the bathroom of a humble but respectable architect (who is doing some work for the Duchess, hence Peter’s involvement). The plot thickens to include a missing industrialist, and the case is off.  Are the two events connected? Will they ever solve the dastardly deed?  The solution is pretty ingenious (though Sayers is forced to fall back on the old “murderer confesses all” to get all the details out), and a wee bit gruesome, and I loved re-reading it so much that I went ahead and re-read two or three more Wimseys in the next few days.*

*But not all of them - there are so few, comparatively, and they are so much more than Christie (like real, if light, novels that happen to be mysteries, rather than just mystery books), that I like to cherish them a bit!

Date/Place Completed: 5/03/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-Read

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