2008: 7. The Absolute Sandman, Volume II

“Walk any path in Destiny’s garden and you will be forced to choose, not once, but many times."

The Absolute Sandman, Volume II, Neil Gaiman et al

Gosh, if anything I liked this even better than the first one, if possible.  You know, these are the kind of books that are more experiences than anything else.  Overwhelming in a way - each page you turn is more compelling than the last, and I kind of just want to say awesome awesome awesome, and leave you to it on your own - so that you can find it by yourself.  I will just say that I especially loved the French Revolution story, and the Emperor of San Francisco, and the creepy dead children back to life at the boarding school, and oh, the whole thing.  And now I really, really want Volume III, and have to decide whether I can wait until it comes out in May, or whether I need to find out what happens before then.  Tough call!

Also, I *really* want to know who the lost eternal is, and I suspect we never find out (at least if its like the God no one remembers from American Gods).  Grr.

Recommended for: Dude, everyone.  These books are like, whoa.

Date/Place Completed: 1/13/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Graphic Novel

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