2008: 66. Prove The Nameless

“It was too hot to sleep.  And too noisy.  Somewhere nearby, one of my neighbors was having a party.”

Prove The Nameless, Terence Faherty

This is a pretty pedestrian mystery that I picked up at the free book shelf at work, but it ended up drawing me in, nonetheless, so I guess I can’t complain.  The plot is pretty interesting - a young woman whose entire family was murdered twenty years before (shades of In Cold Blood) comes to our detective (Owen Keane, ex seminarian and sometimes investigator) and asks him to try to solve her family’s murder.   The writing isn’t great, and the solution is a more than a little unsatisfying, but Keane has a nice sense of what it means to solve a mystery - that even if you find an answer, it doesn’t mean you find the truth, and that even knowing what happened won’t make you happy.  So I’m not going to run out and read the rest of the Keane mysteries, but I found this a diverting way to spend a few hours, and for a free book, I can’t complain.  Besides, what if it had turned out to be a great read, and I’d found a new mystery series to adore? You never know...

Date/Place Completed: 4/23/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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