2008: 65. The Willoughbys

“Once upon a time there was a family named Willoughby: an old-fashioned type of family, with four children.”

The Willoughbys, Lois Lowry

I have been a Lowry fan since I was an actual young reader - a long time Anastasia fan, and of course, everyone appreciates her award winning stuff - The Giver, Number The Stars.  This book is more slight - and directed at slightly younger readers, I think.  It’s a spoof of traditional children’s books - with orphans, and wicked parents, and amazing coincidences and all that.  The book is funny (the glossary at the back is ridiculously funny), but it is slim, and, I must admit that it seems a little derivative of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  It isn’t quite as dark as that, but I think I’d have found the book more clever if I didn’t know Snicket’s work so well.  Fun, but not much more to say (except that even if you don’t read it, pick it up and fiddle with the glossary, which really is a hoot).

Date/Place: 4/20/08, D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Young Adult

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