2008: 50. A Suitable Vengeance

“Tina Cogin knew how to make the most of what little she had.  She liked to believe it was a natural talent.”

A Suitable Vengeance, Elizabeth George

This is the second Elizabeth George mystery I have read, and like the first, Missing Joseph, this one contains completely complicated interpersonal relationships that threaten to over power the mystery aspect.   However, this time I was totally charmed by it, and want to go read all the rest and figure out just what these wacky people’s lives are all about.  Maybe cause this was an earlier book, so it was easier to figure out what was going on, or maybe because the murder involved the family, so the interpersonal stuff didn’t seem so far out of left field, or maybe because the interpersonal stuff was totally soapy and awesome, but anyway, I got a big kick out of this one.  The plot involves a murder during a weekend where the detective, Inspector Lynley is taking his bride to be to visit his parents on his estate (cause like all British detectives he is a lord, you know).  This would have been a stressful weekend anyway since his best friend is in love with his fiancee (and possibly she with him), his brother is a cocaine addict, and he is estranged from his mother, who cheated on his dying father.  This is a better soap than a murder mystery, but it is AWESOME, and I am going to have to read them all now.

Date/Place Completed: 4/1/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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