2008: 39.  Sacred

“A piece of advice: If you ever follow someone in my neighborhood, don’t wear pink.”

Sacred, Dennis Lehane

Another Kenzie and Gennaro book (in fact, the last one that I hadn’t read), and I have basically the same comments as I did with Darkness Take My Hand, which is to say - great book, great read, great writing, and totally hard to believe that these two people would be going through all this.  I mean, I grew up in Massachusetts, and I understand that Lehane wants us to see the gritty side of Boston, but mon dieu!  As far as I know, there hasn’t been one psychopathic serial killer in the area in the past twenty or so years, let alone four or five.  And yet, I will totally keep reading Lehane, because he sure can write ‘em, and if I think Mystic River is more believable than Sacred, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.  And, you know, it’s not like its that believable that Jane Marple keeps bumping into corpses or whatever -so maybe I’m just punishing Lehane for writing a couple of books that seemed so real and so true that his other mysteries strain my disbelief only in comparison...

Date/Place Completed: 3/8/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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