2008: 34. The Labors of Hercules

“Hercule Poirot’s flat was essentially modern in its furnishings.  It gleamed with chromium.  Its easy chairs, though comfortably padded, were square and uncompromising in outline.”

The Labors of Hercules, Agatha Christie

This is also a short story collection, but with an interesting twist.  Poirot has decided that he wants to retire to the country (Poirot is always deciding that he wants to retire, and he ends up solving crime until the 1970’s, which I think might make him like 150, if you think about the math too carefully).  Before he retires, however, he decides he will take on 12 last cases, each one patterned on one of the 12 labors of Hercules.  And he does, and the connections are somewhat cute (the Nemean Lion is a clever dognapper, the Augean Stables a political scandal).  The stories are classic Poirot, and the connection with Hercules makes for a neat framing story.  Loved it.

Date/Place Completed: 3/3/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction, Re-Read, Agatha Christie Project

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