2008: 32. Vintage Murder

“The clop and roar of the train was an uneasy element somewhere at the back of the tall man’s dreams.”

Vintage Murder,  Ngaio Marsh

So, it turns out that the Bryn Mawr ladies bookstore* have a huge selection of Marsh novels.  And I didn’t buy too many, because I couldn’t remember which ones I had, but I bought this one, and it is totally awesome.  And let me tell you exactly why - the murder in this novel is committed by a jeroboam of champagne falling on someone head during a birthday toast.  That is super clever.  The rest is pretty standard Marsh - set in New Zealand, murder at a theater, Alleyn solves it all.  But fun for the super cool murder. 

*Which is the best used bookstore in D.C.  First, you buy four, you get the fifth free.  Second, it is run by the cutest little old lady alumnae, and they are always delightfully baffled by the thought of selling books - especially if you try to pay with a credit card.

Date/Place Completed: 3/1/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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