2008: 31. The Pale Horse

“There are two methods, it seems to me, of approaching this strange business of the Pale Horse.  In sprite of the dictum of the White King, it is difficult to achieve simplicity.”

The Pale Horse, Agatha Christie

A stand alone Christie, this one about an unusual from of murder.  It seems that there is a place called the Pale Horse, an old inn run by three strange witch like women.  And for the correct price they will murder that person for you.  Bu they won’t touch them, they’ll just cast a mysterious spell and the person will drop dead?  Can it possibly be true?  Mark Easterbrook decides he must find out, and investigates a deadly, possibly mysterious game.

This is a pretty fun mystery, playing with the whole creepy mystical angle (but, SPOILER, having a real life solution, YAY!), plus a cute romance and Mrs. Oliver making an appearance.  So, so, fun!!

Date/Place Completed: 3/1/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read; Agatha Christie Project

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