2008: 30. The Brimstone Wedding

“The clothes of the dead won’t wear long.  They fret for the person who owned them. Stella laughed when I said that.”

The Brimstone Wedding, Barbara Vine

I know that it seems like all I read any more is mysteries (and that impression is not going to change any time soon, cause I have a LOT of mystery novels in my backlog).  For whatever reason, when I am going through something stressful, like, say when work is a bear, and I am dealing with morning sickness (by which I mean all day sickness and in particular night time sickness)  and exhaustion and all that jazz* I don’t have much patience for more than murder mysteries.  Fast reads, neat endings, a little moral ambiguity - what more can you want.

That having been said, the reason I started reading this book is because I was at jury duty, and they had it among the left behind paperbacks.  And I finished my book, and I knew I had this book at home, so if I didn’t finish it I could finish at home.  And you know I like Ruth Rendell (especially when writing Barbara Vine), and I hadn’t read this one in a while, so, you know...

And I had remembered not liking this one as much, but I really enjoyed it this time around.  The story parallels a modern woman, Jenny Warner embarking on an affair, with one of her patients at a nursing home, Stella Newland, telling us the story of her own past affair, and the horrible story (this is a murder novel of sorts) that surrounded it.  Good back story, credible psychology (like all of the Barbara Vine novels), excellent read.

*Which is to say, in case you haven’t heard, I am with child!! Due in October.  Super excited and happy and even feeling better since the second trimester starts Friday! 

Date/Place Completed: 2/28/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read; Ruth Rendell Project 

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