2008: 27. Magic By The Lake

“It was Martha who saw the lake first.  It was Katharine who noticed the sign on the cottage, and it was Mark who caught the turtle, and it was Jane who made the wish.”

Magic By The Lake, Edward Eager

Oh, Edward Eager writes the most charming children’s books in the entire world.  They are all sort of interrelated (this one is about the children who will grow up to be the parents of her the children in her next series), and even better, these children have read the same books we have, so that we might meet up Jo and Beth and Amy, or Ali Baba or what have you.  And the kids have bang up fun adventures, and I cannot wait to read these books to my kids someday.  I only wish I’d discovered them when I was his age, rather than as an adult!  This particular book involves a magic lake, and a grumpy turtle who acts as a conduit for the magic and a life saver in sticky situations.  It is excellently good fun.

Date/Place Completed: 2/26/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction, Young Adult

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