2008: 26. Police At The Funeral


“When one man is following another, however discreet may be the pursuer or the pursued, the act does not often pass unnoticed in the streets of London.”

Police At The Funeral, Margery Allingham

This is a new Golden Age mystery writer, at least to me.  Here the detective is named Albert Campion, though that is just a pseudonym to cover up his real name, which we never learn, but is that of a famous Earl or something (did you ever notice that half that the English aristocracy are in the police force? At least Lord Peter uses his real name).  Anyway, he’s your typical goofy detective (knows everything, acts flaky, solves the crime), but this is a pretty good mystery.  Well written, and the plot is pretty fun.  The book is et in the 30’s and takes place in a mansion where life is frozen in the Victorian era, by an old lady with an iron fist who takes care of her adult children financially, and runs their lives as she sees fit.  When a murder takes place and the modern world encroaches, all sorts of merriment ensues.  But in the end the murder(s) (there are always murders) are solved and justice is served, and I discovered a new mystery series to binge on.  Fun!

Date/Place Completed: 2/24/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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