2008: 205. Curtain 

“Who is there who has not felt a sudden startled pang at reliving an old experience or feeling an old emotion?”

Curtain, Agatha Christie

This is Poirot’s last novel, which, like Miss Marple’s Sleeping Murder, was written (during World War II just in case) long before it was published (in the late 1970’s as her second to last published novel), and unlike the Marple book, it is a real “last” book*.  One reason for this is that it takes place at Styles - the setting of the first Poirot novel.  It is no longer a private home, but now a guest home.  Poirot has invited Hastings (whose wife has recently died) to come to stay there with him and relive old times.  When Hastings arrives he is shocked at how decrepit and ill Poirot has become.  However, Poirot tells hims that despite his infirmity, his brain is still intact and that he has not just brought him here to walk down memory lane, but to capture a murderer!!  

It is a good mystery with a clever solution, and a pleasing end to Poirot’s tales.  My one quibble is that, having been written so much earlier than so many Poirot novels, it doesn’t contain all the things you might expect (most noticeable is the lack of Ariadne Oliver, and Miss Lemon).  But putting that aside, its a fine and fitting final story for the little Belgian detective.

*Which is to say, it has an air of finality the Marple book lacks.

Date/Place Completed: 12/08/08; D.C.

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