2008: 204. Pocket Full of Rye

“It was Miss Somers’ turn to make the tea.  Miss Somers was the newest and most inefficient of the typists.”

Pocket Full of Rye, Agatha Christie

You know, it was kind of fun when I was doing my mad end of year Agatha Christie tear, in hopes of finishing up all her books in 2008 (which BTW, I did not), but now that I am blogging about all those books I read, it is kind of a slog.  I mean, Christie is a pretty good mystery writer, and it’s pretty amazing that she could write 80+ books with so few duds and so little repetition, but I am also running out things to say about them.  This is a Marple book, and a pretty good one, with a nursery rhyme theme to the crimes (i.e. Sing a song of sixpence, etc.).  The criminal is pretty nasty - with this being a particularly domestic murder, since the victims were all members of one household and could only have been committed by members of the family.  What really sticks with me is Miss Marple’s outrage that the killer had clipped a clothespin to one victim’s nose (to go along with the poem).  Her disgust at this cavalier treatment of human life was to me the most real, and thus most powerful part of the entire story.  

Date/Place Completed: 12/06/08; D.C.

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