2008: 202. Death on the Nile


“Linnet Ridgeway!”

“That’s her!” said Mr. Burnaby, the landlord of the Three Crowns.

Death on the Nile, Agatha Christie

This is is a classic Christie, along the lines of her best puzzle mysteries with a tricky plot (as opposed to the ones with the great characterization, like The Hollow).  Although the characters aren’t too bad either, particularly the central triangle of the beautiful millionaire, Linnet Ridgeway, her best friend Jacqueline de Bellefort, and Jackie’s fiance, Simon Doyle, who Linnet steals for herself.  Jackie cannot bear to lose Simon, and rather than bow out gracefully, begins to follow Simon and Linnet around on their honeymoon, making a scene in a most un-English way (but you see, she has “Latin blood” - oh, Agatha, with your stereotyping!).  Things come to a head one night when Jackie pulls a gun on Simon in the dining cabin of the Nile cruise (that Simon and Linnet took to escape Jackie!!) and shoots him in a fit of pique.  Simon is ok (just winged), and the crisis seems averted.  However, later that morning we find out that while all the brouhaha was going on someone time someone had quietly murdered Linnet.  With the prime suspect out of commission (having been in the middle of another crime), who can have killed the beautiful young woman?? Of course, there is no end of suspects - being an Agatha Christie novel, every one on the boat has some connection to the victim, but luckily one passenger just happens to be the unstoppable Hercule Poirot, who solves the crime!  Just perfectly fun in that Agatha Christie sort of way!!

Date/Place Completed: 12/01/08; D.C.

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