2008: 20. Long May She Reign

“The worst part - although it was hard to choose - was that she still cried.  A lot.  Mostly at night; always alone.”

Long May She Reign, Ellen Emerson White

Ok, I loved, loved this book.  This is the long awaited fourth book in a series that I read when I was growing up (namely, The President’s Daughter, White House Autumn and Long Live The Queen).  And then the books fell out of print, and Ellen Emerson White sort of disappeared (I guess she was writing under a pseudonym).  So to find out that all these years later she wrote a sequel was too, too exciting and of course I had to buy it.  And I read it and it was just as good as I remembered.  Which is awesome, because sometimes things let you down way later in life, but this did nothing but satisfy.

As you might have gathered the books are about Meg Powers, who is the daughter of the first woman elected President of the United States.  The first two books deal with the election and what it means to be the President’s daughter, and her (sometimes tough) relationship with her mother.  The third book deals with Meg being kidnapped by terrorists and how she survived against all odds.  This new book (and you don’t at all need to read the first three to enjoy this - having read them enriches the experience a bit, but its all recapped), tells about how Meg recovers from her ordeal - especially after her mother stated that she “cannot, will not negotiate with terrorists.”  It is such a great read -Meg is smart, and tough, and prickly as hell.  She’s bad at asking for help and worse at taking it, and it takes her a long time to even begin to heal.  But her voyage is funny and real and I think anyone would like this book.

Date/Place Completed: 2/5/08; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Young Adult

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