2008: 191. The Mirror Crack’d

“Miss Jane Marple was sitting by her window.  The window looked over her garden, once a source of pride to her.  That was no longer so.”

The Mirror Crack’d, Agatha Christie

This Jane Marple mystery is fun, because it has an ingenious solution - or rather motive - something you’d never have thought have, but once you hear it makes perfect sense.  The story takes place in St. Mary Mead.  Gosford Hall, the former home of Jane’s friend Mrs. Bantry (and site of The Body in the Library*).  A film star has purchased the home, and throws a big fete to celebrate and show off the work she’d done.  On the day of the party a local woman drops dead, mere seconds after having drunk a drink that the film star had been holding.  Who wanted to murder Mariana Gregg? Only Miss Marple can figure it out!

As I said, I liked the mystery quite a bit.  My one quibble is that this is one of those Marples that has a big section about how she’s getting older and more frail, and will she be able to do anything else, etc.  But then Christie writes a whole bunch more Marples, and she is fine (or at least stronger), and frankly, the aging makes no sense at all in a series this long (I have noticed the same problem with P.D. James and Adam Dagliesh - too lazy to find the link where I did so), and I wish she’d just let that aspect of things go, and just let Marple be Marple.  I mean, she was old and frail to begin with, anyway.  But ignoring that quibble, a fun read, as always.

*Which I thought I had blogged about, but haven’t I guess, yet. 

Date/Place Completed: 11/17/08; D.C.

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