2008: 181. The Murder at the Vicarage

“It is difficult to know where to begin this story, but I have fixed my choice on a certain Wednesday at luncheon at the Vicarage.”

The Murder at the Vicarage, Agatha Christie

This is the very first Miss Marple mystery, and it concerns a murder at the vicarage in that den of iniquity, St. Mary Mead.  I like Miss Marple - I love the idea of a little old fluffy lady being a super sleuth - and so I enjoy this book, which introduces her to the world.  The murder itself is pretty basic.  A local squire, Colonel Protheroe, is murdered, and there is a wide field of suspects - everyone from his sexy wife, his scatty daughter, the dashing local artist, the slightly mad curate.  Even the vicar himself (our narrator) has been heard to mention that the world would be better off without meddling Protheroe!!   So there is wide field, for the a slightly surly police inspector to be trumped by Miss Marple, our master criminologist.  Later books refine the Marple personality, but the basics are here from the beginning, and provided you aren’t a Marple loather (some Poirot people evidently hate Miss Marple), this is a pretty good book.

Date/Place Completed: 11/4/08; D.C.*

Categories:  Fiction, Re-Read, Agatha Christie Project

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