2008. 176. N or M?

“Tommy Beresford  removed his overcoat in the hall of the flat.”

N or M? Agatha Christie

Oh my lord, I did not realize, when I was tearing through these books like candy how it might get a little bit dull to blog about forty-odd mystery novels, in which the distinctions between them hold little interest for anyone who is not a Christie fan. Sorry for the boring-ness - next time I do an author project I will try to space it out a bit (speaking of which, next year I am thinking of doing either Evelyn Waugh or Graham Greene - any votes?). 

Anyway, this is a Tommy and Tuppence novel and I was not really looking forward to to the re-read, because I had in my head that it was a not so good spy novel*, but actually, I enjoyed reading it quite a bit.  It is WWII, and Tommy and Tuppence, now middle aged, are feeling useless - like only the young can help.  However, they are drawn into a project where there amateur skills are quite helpful - trying to smoke out Fifth Columnists in an English port town.  It reads more like a mystery than a spy novel, and is good middling fun... Not a masterpiece but not bad, either.

*Although, upon doing this re-reading project I am finding there are very few of her books that are not so good.  There are better books, but this notion I had that her espionage novels were terrible is just not true.  They aren’t as good as her straight up detective novels, but the only terrible  one I have read is Passenger to Frankfurt (which I just finished, so at this rate will not blog about until 2010!)

Date/Place Completed: 11/12/08; D.C.

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