2008. 175. The Seven Dials Mystery

“That amiable youth, Jimmy Thesiger, came racing down the big staircase at Chimneys two steps at a time.”

The Seven Dials Mystery, Agatha Christie

This, on the other hand, is Christie at her silliest and fluffiest.  A sequel of sorts to The Secret of Chimneys, it starts with a bunch of bright young things setting up a prank with alarm clocks that leads to a dead man, and seven mysterious clocks ticking on the mantle piece (but they had only put out six!).  Soon Bunch (Lady Eileen Brent) and Jimmy Thesinger and Bill Eversleigh are investigating the mysterious Seven Dials society and trying to keep themselves alive while catching the killer!  It’s a goof, really - like if Bertie Wooster was trying to solve crime - but it’s a fun portrayal of the gay young society of the interwar years, and was a quick re-read. 

Date/Place Completed: 11/11/08; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction, Re-read; Agatha Christie Project

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