2008: 17. Nemesis

“In the afternoons it was the custom of Miss Jane Marple to unfold her second newspaper.”

Nemesis, Agatha Christie

Another month, another Christie kick.  Whenever things get a little stressful* round here, and I crave comfort reading I end up falling back on Dame Agatha.  I chose this one in particular because I just watched the recent BBC** version with Geraldine McEwan.  These new versions are always super fun because McEwan is such a fun and spunky Marple, even if they totally mangle every single plot, usually for the worst.  The twists and turns they added to this one - Nazis! Love struck nuns! were totally out of the blue, but they still hit on the basic theme of the book, even if I think it was a little less effective than Christie’s original plot, which merely had to do with a young girl, a bad boy, and an overbearing woman.  The book is simpler and better than the movie, but both are fun, and I enjoyed re-reading this quite a bit.

*Why were things a little stressful? Watch this space! Details to follow.

** Or whatever English company it is.  British TV = BBC to this girl.

Date/Place Completed: 1/30/08, D.C.

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