2008: 16. Doing Nothing

“I began this book shortly after my son, Cody, at the age of eighteen moved from his mother’s house to mine.”

Doing Nothing: A History of Loafers, Loungers, Slackers And Bums In America, Tom Lutz

So, here is my Dewey book for February, a history of slackers and laziness.  I tried with a big fat history of the psychotherapy movement in America, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pick it up once I brought it home, so back it went and I came home with this.  It was ok - I really liked the part at the beginning where he talked about how frustrating it was for him when his eighteen year old son spent a summer doing nothing (shades of personal family issues, let me just say that I felt him).  But the meat of the book, the historical analysis of different slacker movements didn’t do much for me.  He stretched his thesis a bit to find a slacker type in each historical era (I mean, was Samuel Johnson really a slacker when he wrote a damn dictionary?) and thus gave each era short shrift.  A lot of pontificating about the meaning of slackerdom, but not much facts and history.  I’d have rather read an in-depth look at a few movements than a little bit about everything, and I’d have appreciated the pontificating more if the historical context had been deeper.   

Date/Place Completed: 2/28/08, D.C. (at jury duty!)

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