2008: 158. Making Money

“They lay in dark, guarding.  There was no way of measuring the passage of time, not any inclination to measure it.”

Making Money, Terry Pratchett

This is the latest Pratchett Discworld novel, and is, as I mentioned before, a sequel of sorts to Going Postal.  Once again, Lord Vetinari makes an offer to Moist van Lipwing.  Now that he’s rebuilt the Post Office, would he be interested in taking a stab at trying to revise the banks? And, while he’s at it, the mint?  Of course, he no longer holds death over Moist’s head - instead, he realizes that Moist is bored, now that he has solved the Post Office’s problems, and that he needs something a little more, well, exciting to put his teeth into.  You might not think that banking is that exciting (or, given our current economy, you might), but you don’t know Ankh-Morpork.  The bank is owned by the crazy (and often fatal) Lavish family, including Cosmo, who thinks that he is Vetinari himself.  So when the chairman of the board leaves her stock to her dog, and makes Moist the dog’s guardian, effectively leaving him in charge of the bank, he needs to watch his back and keep his wits around him if he wants to stay alive, let alone make changes in the banking system...

Date/Place Completed: 10/16/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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