2008: 157. The Secret Adversary

“It was 2 p.m. on the afternoon of May 7, 1915.  The Lusitania had been struck by two torpedos in succession and was sinking rapidly, while the boats were being launched with all possible speed.”

The Secret Adversary, Agatha Christie

This is the first Tommy & Tuppence novel, and is the second novel Christie wrote.   I remembered it being the the vein of the Christie spy type mysteries that I don’t like as much, but actually, I really enjoyed re-reading this one.  I think it’s because I am found of Tommy & Tuppence - she, the spunky adventuress, he the stolid bulldoggish Englishman.  In this novel, they are both demobbed from WWI* (him from the front, she as a nurse) and hunting for work when they run into each other and decide to strike out as “Young Adventurers Ltd.”  They are hired by an Englishman who works for the Secret Service but thinks plucky amateurs might be able to solve a mystery (I know, stupid plot device, but fun) of what happened to a young girl named Jane Finn, who inadvertently became the recipient of some important government papers when the Luistania sank and the man carrying them asked her to something for her country (women and children first, you know).  All well and good, but Jane Finn disappeared, and the Government does not want those papers getting out.  Tommy & Tuppence start looking, with the help of Jane’s cousin, the American millionaire, Julius Hersheimer.  All fluff and nonsense, sure, but fun fluff, mostly because the characters are fun enough to carry the plot!!

*I really did forget how much the war is a factor in these early Christies, particularly because I’d been reading a number of her 1950’s/1960’s era books.  What an amazingly long career she had!

Date/Place Completed: 10/08/08; D.C.  (Nate’s BIRTHDAY! I must have finished it in the morning before I went to the hospital)

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