2008: 143. They Came to Baghdad

“Captain Crosby came out of the bank with the pleased air of one who has cashed a cheque and discovered that there is just a little more in his account than he thought there was.”

They Came to Baghdad, Agatha Christie

This is one of those Christies that is a spy novel, rather than a detective story, and I am always less fond of those - she just can’t sell spy stories (not in the age of Le Carre) the way she can sell a nice domestic murder.  That having been said, this is one of her better spy/adventure stories - it has pretty good stand alone characters, particularly the spunky heroine, Victoria Jones, who goes to Baghdad on a whim (after a boy, in fact) but ends up saving democracy.  Moreover, Christie’s novels set in Baghdad are always fun, since she spent time living there with her archeologist husband, and they have a little bit of an authentic flair.  So, if you can handle goofy spy stories, this one is pretty fun. 

Date/Place Completed: 9/21/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-Read; Agatha Christie Project

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