2008: 136. Murder With Mirrors

Mrs. Van Rydock moved a little back from the mirror and sighed.

‘Well, that’ll have to do,’ she murmured.”

Murder With Mirrors, Agatha Christie

This is a Miss Marple mystery, and, for some reason, one I have barely ever read before (maybe because I only own it in a snazzy hardcover first edition, rather than a beat up paperback I can read in the bathtub? Maybe because the BBC hasn’t made a new version, starring Geraldine McEwan?), and I had forgotten the ending too, which is always fun - though I figured it out, which is rare.*  Anyway, Jane Marple goes undercover-ish, which is to say, she pretends that she needs charity to go stay with an old wealthy friend, Carrie Anne, because her friend’s sister suspects that something is awry and that  Carrie Anne, is in danger.  Once Jane arrives, she concurs with the sister’s suspicions - of course, that is hardly a surprise, since Carrie Anne’s household has become a refuge for juvenile delinquents, thanks to her do-gooding third husband, as well as her own sparring relatives - two stepsons from her first marriage, her adored adopted granddaughter, and her resentful daughter who loathes them all.  When murder occurs, no one is really surprised (nor should you be - this is Christie, after all), and it is up to Jane Marple to solve the crime!  Not the greatest Christie actually - I never really got into the way I did with Roger Ackroyd, or Murder in Retrospect, but good enough.

*For a woman who reads a lot of mystery fiction, I am actually quite crap at figuring out whodunnit, and rarely even try.

Date/Place Completed: 9/11/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-Read; Agatha Christie Project

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