2008: 131. Murder in Retrospect 

“Hercule Poirot looked with interest and appreciation at the young woman who was being ushered into the room.”

Murder in Retrospect, Agatha Christie (a.k.a. Five Little Pigs)

This is a really, really good Poirot mystery.  It starts with a young woman coming to see him, asking him to reopen the case of her mother’s murder of her father, sixteen years before, when she was just a small child.  Although her mother was convicted (and only escaped hanging because she was sympathetic, and died in prison anyway), the daughter is convinced that her mother was innocent.  And so, all this time later, Poirot goes to try to figure out what really happened.  It is the ur-Poirot novel - no real clues or evidence, just talking to the five witnesses (hence the Five Little Pigs reference) and figuring out what really happened that day.  It is very well done, and lucky for me, I thought I remembered whodunnit, but I remembered totally wrong and so the ending was an excellent surprise!! I enjoyed this immensely - might be one of my favorite Christies.

Date/Place Completed: 9/3/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-Read, Agatha Christie Project 

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