2008: 129. About A Boy

“So, have you split up now?” 

“Are you being funny?”

People quite often thought Marcus was being funny when he wasn’t.

About A Boy, Nick Hornby

After reading A Long Way Down, I decided to pick up another Hornby, and since I’d never read About A Boy, only seen the movie (and really liked the movie), this is the one I grabbed.  And I enjoyed it quite a bit - I officially declare myself a Nick Hornby fan, because I am now thinking I have to go out and read the rest of his oeuvre.  The mix of comedy and human insight, etc. is right up my ally, and I so rarely read a book that makes me actually laugh out loud as his work tends to do.

The plot, in case you haven’t see the film, is about a self-indulgent single man, Will, who gets involved (through a complicated scheme) with a teenage boy, basically becoming his mentor (mostly because the boy, Marcus, won’t take no for an answer).  And its about growing up (which Will needs to do perhaps as much as Marcus) and making connections, and family - the ones we are born with and the ones we make.  E.M. Forster, with good one-liners, I guess.  A fun read.

Date/Place Completed: 8/29/08; D.C.

Catergories: Fiction

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