2008: 126. Lost and Found

“By the sixth leg of the game, we have accumulated the following objects: a ski pole a bishop from a crystal chess set, a sheet of rice paper, a trilobite, an aviator’s helmet, and a live parrot.”

Lost and Found, Carolyn Parkhurst

Written by the author of The Dogs of Babel (which I read just about this time last year, when I was in the Galapagos), and my thoughts about this book are similar to my thoughts about that one - that it is an enjoyable well written regular novel - and that I don’t read nearly enough books like this.  I read it quickly, but enjoyed every page.

The story plays on the reality t.v. craze - the characters are participating in an Amazing Race - like show, where pairs of people travel around the world collecting objects and trying to be first to the finish line.  The chapters jump back and forth between various characters - the mother whose teenage daughter had a baby (in their attic) without her even knowing she was pregnant, the daughter, who suspects she is a lesbian, the divorced man whose son is recovering from a near fatal illness, the former child star.  The stories sound melodramatic, but Parkinson makes them credible, and the way the characters interact within the confines of the ridiculous television world makes for a great read.  Very fun.

Date/Place Completed: 8/30/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Library Book

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