2008: 125. Payment in Blood

“Gowan Kilbride, aged sixteen, had never been much for early rising.”

Payment in Blood, Elizabeth George

Another Lynley, this one a bit older (since I read them as I buy them at used book stores, the chronology is a bit jumbled).  This is a fine mystery, involving a murder at a country house in Scotland.  It didn’t strike me as much as In The Presence of the Enemy as something about it (the country house setting? the fact that it was a murder done by a member of a theatrical troupe - shades of Ngaio Marsh) seemed very familiar, but it was a nice enjoyable read.  My one real gripe (other than the fact that it took me this long into my blog post to remember what exactly happened, which shows you how memorable I found it), is that in the beginning there is a long section where she’s written out the characters talking in a Scottish dialect, which I always find painful.  

Date/Place Completed: 8/26/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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