2008: 124. In the Presence of the Enemy

“Charlotte Bowen thought she was dead.  She opened her eyes into cold and darkness.”

In the Presence of the Enemy, Elizabeth George

This is a really well done mystery, and I enjoyed it so much that I went on a big mystery spree after reading it, so expect a lot of mystery blogging in the next few posts.  Again, it’s my not so favorite Tommy Lynley, but this one keeps the personal drama to a minimum (I can’t even really remember what their personal issues are in this one, but I am sure there is SOMETHING), and is just a great (if really sad) murder mystery.   It starts with a young girl being kidnapped - her mother is an up and coming Tory politician, and her father is a tabloid journalist - but no one knows that except the two of them; he has played no role in her life.  When he is notified that she is kidnapped, and will be killed unless he “confesses who his child is” he wants to go public.  The mother, convinced he has orchestrated the whole thing to humiliate the right wing Government, refuses.  And it goes off from there - a suspenseful turn as we try to figure out what really happened to poor little Charlotte Bowen.  Very good, and I think would be a good entry to the series, if you aren’t stuck on starting at the beginning.*

*Also, this is the book that has a similar twist/denouement to that of The Lighthouse - I would recommend reading this one first, because it is a more shocking ending here. 

Date/Place Completed: 8/22/08; Durham NC

Categories: Fiction

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