2008: 118. Well-Schooled in Murder

“The rear garden of the cottage in Hammersmith’ss Lower Mall was set up to accommodate artistic endeavors.”

Well-Schooled in Murder, Elizabeth George

So, when I went to Maine for the Fourth of July, I went to my favorite place on earth - the Bath Maine Fourth of July used book sale - and as part of my mad haul I grabbed a bunch of Elizabeth George mysteries, so expect to see a lot of Tommy Lynley in the next few weeks (you know, if I actually manage to do some blogging in the next few weeks!).  My take on George, in case I haven’t said this before, is that I love her mystery construction and her writing skills - which I think are easily on par with P.D. James - but I am not that into her detective himself, nor the complicated emotional problems that he and his cohort are always facing (infertility! partner swapping! betraying the trust in one another!).  Plus, I think the fact that his actually a lord is goofy, and accordingly, I think I prefer his blue collar (or what ever the English equivalent is) Sergeant, Barbara Havers, to the Inspector himself, who is kind of a self absorbed prat.  I know this makes no sense, since I am madly in love with Peter Wimsey, but there you have it.  I am mercurial.

However, I can get past the Lynley issue when the mysteries are well written and complex, and this one nicely fills checks both boxes.  A murder has taken place at boys school - a young boy goes missing and then is found horribly dead and Lynley must solve a crime that couldn’t be nastier.  George doesn’t pull any punches - this is a sad and horrible crime, and she constructs a nice tight mystery that I didn’t figure out until Lynley did (though I am really bad at that anyway, so an author that can’t fool me isn’t trying very hard).  A nice escapist read.

Date/Place Completed: 7/26/08; D.C.

Categories: Fiction

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