2007: 86. At Bertram’s Hotel 

“In the heart of the West End, there are many quiet pockets, unknown to almost all but the taxi drivers who traverse them with expert knowledge, and arrive triumphantly thereby at Park Lane, Berkeley Square, or South Audley Street.”

At Bertram’s Hotel, Agatha Christie

Another later-period Christie, with all the plot sloppiness that entails.  There can be no doubt that her writing about the thirties and forties is sharper than her writing about the sixties.  And yet, one can’t help but love Jane Marple, in any form, and the notion of a Bertram’s Hotel, which is like the perfect encapsulation of how England used to be is so clever and appealing.  Wouldn’t anyone who reads this book like to go there, and eat muffins and dream of the past?  True, as Miss Marple knows, its too good to be true, but what fun you could have if you were willing to overlook that fact.

Recommended for: Jane Marple devotees, people secretly nostalgic for old fashioned England

Date/Place Completed: 6/14/07; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; Re-Read; Agatha Christie Project

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