2007: 81. The Worshipful Lucia

“Mrs. Emmeline Lucas was walking briskly and elegantly up and down the cinder path which traversed her kitchen garden and was so conveniently dry after heavy rain.”

The Worshipful Lucia (aka Lucia’s Progress), E.F. Benson

The second-to-last (sigh!) book in the Make Way For Lucia series.  I like each one better than the last.   This book doesn’t have much new in the way of plot - just Lucia and Mapp jockeying for position, and Lucia coming up trumps each time. The introduction of Mapp was the perfect foil for Lucia! In her first books I (like all reasonable readers) found Lucia’s ways to be unbearable, and sought her comeuppance - but Mapp is so unbearable that we can’t help but root for La Lucia.  To see her triumph, along with Georgie’s help, is a thing of beauty.  The marriage negotiations between Lucia and Georgie are worth the price of admission alone - the way they manage to completely recreate their separate lives under roof without managing to be the slightest bit indelicate or hurt the others feelings makes it clear that it was inevitable that Lucia should turn to politics (as she does in this book).  Who is more suited to making people do what they don’t want to than our Lucia?

Recommended for: People who are fascinated by subtle social maneuverings and slights; future Machiavellis

Date/Place Completed:  6/10/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Commuting Book

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