2007: 72. Original Sin

“For a temporary short-hand typist to be present at the discovery of a corpse on the first day of an assignment, if not unique, is sufficiently rare to prevent its being regarded as an occupational hazard.”

Original Sin, P.D. James

This is the last James that I’ll read for a while, since I own the rest of her books in hardback, and the whole point of escapist mystery novel reading is to curl up with a bended paperback.  This is a pretty good book - like all James the real interest is in the characters and the lifestyle she is writing about (here, the world of publishing), rather than the murders, which I thought 1) piled up a little too fast and furious at the end and 2) had a motive that both came out of left field and was remarkably similar to A Shroud For  A Nightingayle.  Still, I got out of this what I wanted - it was a quick, well written entertaining read - enough so that I re-read a book I have read at least once before.  I do like mysteries, provided they tilt more towards well-written intellectual puzzle and less towards the cheesy.

Recommended for:  People who like mysteries; people who want to kill their publishers.

Date/Place Completed: 5/23/07; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; Re-Read; P.D. James Project

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