2007: 63. A Sleeping Life

A Sleeping Life - Ruth Rendell

“Home early for once.  Maybe he’d start getting home early regularly now August had begun, the silly season.  Criminals as well as the law-abiding take their holidays in August.”

This was another discovery from the work free book box, and was a pretty good find.  I usually prefer Rendell when she’s writing as Barbara Vine but this book was one of a series she has done about a country policeman named Inspector Wexford, and I must say that I quite enjoyed.  The central mystery was pretty engaging - a woman is found dead in a field, and the police can find out nothing about her, no matter how hard they search.  There were a few bits that seemed dated (Wessex’s daughter’s dabbling with feminism, for example), and the shocking solution, which I didn’t suspect, but didn’t blow my mind like it did the characters - and then I realized the book was written in 1978, and I quite forgave the flaws (and indeed, all of a sudden the solution to the mystery seemed quite ahead of its time!).  I enjoyed this quite a bit, and will have to read more Rendell/Wessex books.

Date/Place Completed: 5/5/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; The Ruth Rendell Project

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