2007: 5. Lords and Ladies

“Now read on . ..

When does it start?

There are very few starts.”

Lords and Ladies, Terry Pratchett

Another day, another Pratchett! This one is about the witches, who are, as always, fabulous. I doubt I could ever be as awesome as Esme Weatherwax, but I sure wish I could be. This one was particularly fun because it portrayed the elves and fairies as evil foreign beings – like we often think of aliens – which is both inspired, and a real dig at goofy people who are so fond of the faerie. It’s typical madcap Pratchett, with typical awesome witches (“I ATE’NT DEAD"), and I enjoyed it to bits.

Recommend for: People who like books that take women – even old women – seriously, people who think people who are all into elves and that magik crap are doofuses, people who like puns.

Date/Place Completed: 01/08/07, DC

Categories: Fiction

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