2007: 31. Crooked House

“I first came to know Sophia Leonides in Egypt towards the end of the war.”

Crooked House, Agatha Christie

This is a stand alone mystery, not starring one of her famous detectives, and it’s a great one.  It is darker than most Christie’s and the ending is both satisfying and surprising (and no, I am not going to give it away!).  It absolutely works, but the solution of this mystery is unexpectedly grim for Dame Agatha and it caught me off guard - and I had read the book before, although, unlike most of her books, I had only read it once before last week.  I will be re-reading it, though, for sure, and I would absolutely recommend it to someone who wanted to try out Christie - especially someone who was inclined to think her stuff is a little cheesy.  This book isn’t the most complex mystery ever written, but it’s a nice dark twisted little murder.

And yes,  I know I haven’t really described the plot at all, but I think you’d appreciate it more if you just picked it up and read it.  Lets just say it starts with a millionaire’s murder and goes on from there.

Recommended for: Mystery lovers; people who like darkly appropriate endings; heiresses who want role models (the woman who inherits the millionaires fortune is totally awesome)

Date/Place Completed: 3/15/07; DC

Categories: Fiction; Re-read; Agatha Christie Project

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