2007: 27. Sad Cypress

“Elinor Katherine Carlisle.  You stand charged upon this indictment with the murder of Mary Gerrard upon the 27th of July last.  Are you guilty or not guilty?”

Sad Cypress, Agatha Christie

Another Poirot.*  This time, he saves a woman from death by hanging, by proving that despite all appearances, she was not the murderess of the beautiful young girl who stole her lovers heart.  This book is interesting in that it contains one of Christie’s stock characters - the seemingly unemotional woman who loves deeply and with all her heart.  Luckily for Elinor Carlisle, Poirot not only saves her from scaffold, but also rescues her from her unsuitable match, and leads her to the nice sweet doctor who brought him into the thing to begin with.  Phew!!

Recommended for:  Golden age mystery fans; people who like long-lost relatives as a twist in a mystery; people who have loved the wrong guy (to see that you can get over it!).

Date/Place Completed:  3/12/07, D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read; Agatha Christie Project

*I like Jane Marple, with her unerring sense of evil, by my heart will always belong to the little Belgium.  Even more than the dashing Lord Peter Whimsey, Hercule Poirot was my first favorite detective.

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