2007: 21. Lucia in London

“Considering that Philip Lucas’s aunt who died early in April was no less than eighty-three years old, and had spent the last seven of them bedridden in a private lunatic asylum, it had been generally and perhaps reasonably hoped among his friends and those of his wife that the bereavement would not be regarded by either of them as an intolerable tragedy.”

Lucia in London, E.F. Benson

This is the second novel in the Make Way For Lucia series, and I liked it even more than the first. This time Lucia has inherited money from her husband's deceased aunt, and she decides to expand her scope beyond the village of Riseholm and take London by storm. The story goes back and forth between the deserted Riseholmians, and how they cattily take Lucia's behavior, and the swath the indefatigable Lucia cuts through London. She is unstoppable - has no shame - and the story of her triumph (and destruction) is a can't miss. I liked the first Lucia book well enough (not well enough to read the sequel until fourteen months had passed), but could not put down the second one. I must get the rest of the series, because (like the society people she meets in London) I too have joined the secret society of Luciaphiles.

Recommend for: People who like reading about forces of nature; people who like seeing those same forces of nature meet their comeuppance; people who wish Wodehouse had written a novel solely about Bertie's aunts.

Date/Place Completed: 02/13/07, D.C.

Categories: Fiction.

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