2007: 20. Joy in the Morning

“After the thing was all over, when peril had ceased to loom and happy endings had been distributed in heaping handfuls and we were driving home with our hats on the side of our heads, having shaken the dust of Steeple Bumpleigh from our tyres, I confessed to Jeeves that there had been moments during the recent proceedings when Bertram Wooster, though no weakling, had come very near to despair.”

Joy in the Morning, P.G. Wodehouse

I can't believe that it took me 18 books after reading Wodehouse to actually read a Wodehouse novel! Regardless, the wait was worth it - this is typical goofy, frenetic Wodehouse. Bertie is the manor house of Steeple Bumpleigh, where he is trying to avoid his dragon ex-fiancee Florence Craye, her suspicious current fiance/local policeman D'Arcy "Stilton" Cheesewright, his dreadful Aunt Agatha and the frightful Boy Scout Edwin, while trying to help his dear friends Nobby Hopwood and Boko Fittleworth get permission from Bertie's uncle, Lord Worplesdon (Nobby's guardian) to wed. Needless to say the path to true love is strewn with pretend burglaries, mistaken identities, houses burning down and Bertie attending a fancy dress ball in Stilton's police uniform (and almost being arrested as a result). In the end all is well (as it always) is, but what a ride to get there! And, as always with Wodehouse, it's the journey that matters - every charming, ridiculous, goofy, tongue-twisty sentence of it, courtesy of one of the world's great narrators, Bertram Wooster.

Recommend for: People who love Bertie and Jeeves; people who are charmed by the way that the master of humor can construct a marvelous English sentence; people with senses of humor.

Date/Place Completed: 02/10/07, D.C.

Categories: Fiction.

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