2007: 192. Random Family

“Jessica lived on Tremont Avenue, on one of the poorer streets in a very poor section of the Bronx.  She dressed even to go to the store. Chance was opportunity in the ghetto, and you had to be prepared for anything.”

Random Family, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Well, I am finally blogging about my last book of 2007.  I’m not too late - last year I finished the 2006 books on January 28, so in that sense, I am doing well.  Also, can you believe how much more reading I did this year that last year? I read 138 books in 2006, and 192 in 2007.  I feel much more like myself this year - 2006  was sort of sad.  Anyway, the year in review will happen in my next post, when I start talking about the best and worst of ’07.  For now, let’s talk about the last book I read this year.  Which was actually one of my Christmas books that I got early enough to finish on Christmas day (which actually says more about my holidays than anything else, but never you mind).

Random Family is a non-fiction book, the story of an extended family growing up in the Bronx over the past ten years.  It is a story about life in the American ghetto of the Bronx, and how people try to survive and raise their families among the poverty, drugs, and crime.  It is a window into a life very different than my own, and I am loathe to write much more about it, for fear of sounding judgmental, or condescending, or just uneducated.  I will say that LeBlanc tells her subject’s stories with dignity, and also with honesty, and that I learned more from this book than from most I read.  I do recommend it quite highly.

Recommended for: Anyone who wants to learn at least one version about what it’s like growing up in poor in that particular part of America

Date/Place Completed: 12/25/07; Pleasantville, NY

Categories: Non-Fiction

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